Dark Hunger (Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series #2) PDF

by Kevin Kneupper Demons are dangerous things. They inflame your insecurities, turn your weaknesses against you, and whisper their thoughts into your ears in the darkness.

The Vatican wants them locked up, or banished back to Hell. Short on priests and long on money, they’ve had to resort to paying bounties to keep things under control. That means looking outside of the faithful, to mercenaries like Cade Crowley.

That’s not his real name, but then, it never is. A drunk, and a gambler, and a womanizer, Cade’s steeped in sin himself, but he has one advantage: the sight. He can see demons, and he can see spirits, and that means he can fight them, so long as he can keep his own demons under control.

But the Vatican doesn’t have the war between good and evil to itself, not anymore. Other religions want in, and they’re recruiting bounty hunters of their own. Some have faith, and some just have bills to pay, but all of them want Cade’s bounties for themselves.

Dark Hunger (Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Short Story #2):

Hell’s a miserable place, and not for indulging. When demons come to the surface, they run wild with whatever desires there are that drive them. Cade’s on the trail of something that’s been possessing people. It’s hungry, and once it’s inside someone, so are they. They eat, and eat, and eat, and there’s nothing they can do to stop.

Dark Hunger is a short story, the second in the Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series.

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