by Marilyn Stokstad Last year I originally took Art History because it was an art requirement. I had taken a ceramics class the year before and realized that not only can I not make ceramic materials well, but I didn't really enjoy it. But when I got into Art History, I realized that I could appreciate art all day. I know it may seem silly that I'm reviewing an Art History textbook, but this one of my favorite textbooks I've ever had. The amazing detail and the interesting facts the textbook gave made Art History so fun (I also have to give credit to my amazing teacher!)!

I could look at all the Western art found in this book all day. From the Hellenistic art piece Laocoon and His Sons, to Caravaggios's Calling of St. Matthew, to Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon or Guernica, to Dali's Persistence of Memory. This textbook definitely tries its best to be faithful to the composition of the original art pieces it displays (but it's definitely not the same as actually seeing the art pieces!). I'd definitely purchase this book just to read it in my spare time; appreciating art is actually calming. It definitely boosts your cognitive processes.

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