Twit Publishing Presents Pulp! Summer/Fall 2012 PDF

by Craig Gabrysch Diabolical tales of horror and peril! Wrench the Necronomicon from the hands of Confederate spies in weird western yarn "Hillbilly Hell." Escape the serpent's lascivious kiss in "Venom." Observe the alien abduction of "Hazel Hogan."

Stories you won't believe! Explore the gruesome caverns of "The Devil's Den." Roam the apocalyptic badlands of the near future with "God is in the Radio." Delve the ancient depths of Egypt's oldest tomb in "The Osiris Cult."

Plus many more! Stories by Craig Gabrysch, David Ballard, Frank R. Sodjin, Sean C. Wright, Ethan Nahté, David M. DeMar,W. R. McKay,Joseph Fitzhugh, Chris O'Grady, Dave P. Fisher, and Richard Jay Goldstein

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