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by David Rock Solidly grounded in up-to-date research, theory and technology, ?"Teaching Secondary Mathematics"?is a practical, student-friendly, and popular text for secondary mathematics methods courses. It provides clear and useful approaches for mathematics teachers, and shows how concepts typically found in a secondary mathematics curriculum can be taught in a positive and encouraging way. The thoroughly revised fourth edition combines this pragmatic approach with truly innovative and integrated technology content throughout. Synthesized content between the book and comprehensive companion website offers expanded discussion of chapter topics, additional examples and technological tips.

Each chapter features tried-and-tested pedagogical techniques, problem solving challenges, discussion points, activities, mathematical challenges, and student-life based applications that will encourage students to think and do.

New to the 4th edition:

A fully revised and updated chapter on technological advancements in the teaching of mathematics

Connections to both the updated NCTM Focal Points as well as the new Common Core State Standards are well-integrated throughout the text

Problem solving challenges and sticky questions featured in each chapter to encourage students to think through everyday issues and possible solutions.

A fresh interior design to better highlight pedagogical elements and key features

A companion website with chapter-by-chapter video lessons, teacher tools, problem solving Q&As, helpful links and resources, and embedded graphing calculators.

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