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by Curtis Andressen A comprehensive history of the land of the Rising Sun, from its ancient origins to its fascinating present. Few countries have been the subject of so much scholarly attention yet remain so elusive. An increasingly familiar nation through shared tourism and business relationships, there's still a great deal about Japan and its past that defies categorization or generalization; a great deal that leaves the visitor puzzled. Who exactly are the Japanese? Are they peace-loving or warlike? Creators of stunningly beautiful art forms or destroyers of pristine natural environments? Isolationist or expansionist? Considerate of other cultures or arrogantly dismissive? Willing members of the international community or shy and fearful of engaging with others? Deeply traditional or highly Westernised? Wildly successful or perched on the edge of economic ruin? Japan has long been characterized by such deeply divergent interpretations. Here, Curtis Andressen delves into Japan's vast history to explain the current challenges the country faces. From the dawn of time when the first settlers arrived in the islands of Japan, through feudalism with its heavy imprint of authoritarianism to 20th-century adventurism, American occupation, breakneck economic growth and contemporary uncertainty, Andressen traces the key aspects of Japanese culture and how these have manifested in the country's political system, economy and society to create a distinct identity. It is intended for anyone with a practical reason for knowing more about Japan - students, teachers, travellers, business people - as well as those for whom fresh insights into Japan's rich culture and unique history would make compelling reading.

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