Look Out for the Big Bad Fish! PDF

by Sheridan Cain The pictures in this book were very bright and colorful and had different variations in the elements of art than other books that I had read.

The illustrator of this children's book did not waste an inch of his page.There was no negative space as every page was filled with high intensity color, pictures with a very rough texture and non-defined lines. The color as said above was high intensity and the colors that were used were very "underwater" type colors, such as teals and blues.The texture of the pictures were unlike any I had every seen.While the color had a smooth texture, the outlining of the creatures and back round had a very rough and "touchable" appearance.There were no straight lines in this book.Many of the lines would considered to be curved.But, what is interesting is how few of lines there are.They only exist in the outlining of the pictures.

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