Immortal Blood (Chronicles of the Immortal Blood #1) PDF

by Blair M. Thorne Librarian Notes: this is an alternate cover edition ASIN: B00NGOLEXE.

Years ago, the Daughter of Creation and Destruction made a wager with Fate. If his Sight could best her, she would give him everything. Body, soul, and power. At last, their game has begun.

The Final World War fractured the human race and razed the earth. Hidden in the wasteland, Zero Naken’s only wish is for time to wash the blood from his hands. For his memory to fade. The Gods have other plans. Thrust in to the death matches of the Shadow Walker Tournament, Zero must return to his life as a killer or succumb to the onslaught of prize-winning combatants. He refuses to die here, the pawn of a jealous God. But he’ll do it on his own terms.

Arisa Greene would do anything to see her lady’s will come to pass. Even sacrifice the freedom of a man she’s never met. Zero has been chosen to become the Warrior—the champion who will slay the titan in Fate’s keeping. Yet without the power of her blood in his veins, he has no hope of defeating the beast before him.

The Gods have placed their bets. Will Fate fall?

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