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by Jess Lederman Since the first publication of this critically acclaimed book in 1987, dramatic regulatory, economic and technical changes have rocked the secondary mortgage market. The upheaval that led to the downfall of many firms that were once household names has been well-documented, but these dramatic changes have also brought about unique, but lesser known opportunities. Failure to keep abreast of this dynamic market can mean forfeiting profit potential and painful losses, but keeping up with even one aspect of it - such as the ever-expanding menu of exotic MBS instruments - is in itself a daunting prospect! Newly revised, The Secondary Mortgage Market has been substantially updated, not only to reflect the new competitive realities and opportunities in this changing industry, but to organize the data in a practical and useful fashion. This comprehensive overview is divided into five sections, each designed to guide today's industry participants through, and beyond, the pivitol changes that have rocked this market. Sections include:. Secondary Marketing: explores strategies and tactics for minimizing risk and maximizing profits using each of the hedging tools that a secondary marketing manager must possess. Mortgage-Backed Securities: examines alternative structures and analytical techniques to enhance today's state-of-the-art designs in mortgage-backed securities. The Mortgage Banking Industry: deals with issues arising from a changing industry, including niche lending and the market for mortgage loan servicing rights. Thrift and Commercial Banking Industries: explores new strategies and products to increase market share and cope with a deregulated economic climate. Management and Analysis of Credit Risk: discusses innovations to revive the mortgage insurance industry as well as new forms of credit enhancement. The chapters covered within these five critical areas feature detailed and critical analyses by preeminent authorities in their respective fields of expertise.

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