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by Patricia Perry Calorie!!

Everyone uses this word, talks about it, reads about it, hears about it, looks out for it when buying food, counts them, watches out for them, and avoids them. There are so many articles, books, and fitness gurus out there who caution us all about the dangers of calories.

But what are calories exactly?

The most common belief is that a calorie is some sort of substance in food and drink that exists to make us fat.

They are evil, therefore, and should be avoided at all costs.

The truth is that a calorie is nothing more than a unit of measurement for energy.

Calories are what your body needs to function, even when at rest or while sound asleep. Calories keep your organs functioning, your heart pumping, your brain working, and so much more.


Weight loss pills, diet fads, miracle devices, and a whole slew of other items clearly make for a profitable business. Despite this, however, America’s obesity epidemic is still on the rise.

It seems that regardless of the FTC, and however jaded the American public has become about ads, they are still buying the hype – as well as the misinformation that comes along with it.

This book does not offer a miracle cure to guarantee weight loss. There are more than enough ads out there to provide that service – obviously.

What it aims to do is to get to the basics of weight loss as is understood and accepted by medical science, and to convey it as simply as possible.
The hope is that by understanding these basics, you can guide your weight loss efforts accordingly – in a safe and effective manner.

There is no need to dig into your pocket for your credit card, pick up the phone, and buy yet another thing from the home shopping network – or wherever else you buy your stuff.

There are many healthy ways to lose weight, but it begins by first understanding the major cause of it: Calories.


...So, are you searching for an Easy and Straightforward way to Learn about calories and how it affects your weight loss?

Well your search ends here... “Calorie Counters Suck!, Simplified” is an efficient answer to the most common questions related to Calories and Weight Loss.

This book doesn’t include any “breathing techniques”, “Secrets” or “Super Exercises” that will make you “lose 10 pounds in one week”...instead it contains practical and simple advice that you can start using immediately.

Note: This book is shorter than most other Weight Loss or Dummies Books.
Reason: It gets to the point and removes a lot of the “Fluff” that usually fill up some of these books.
Also ...if you are easily offended then be warned...certain areas of my book may seem offensive, however, it’s not meant to offend anyone :)


In this Concise and Simplistic Book, you will Discover:

—>The facts about calories
—>What is a calorie?
—>How do you count calories
—>How do calories make you fat?
—>How do you lose weight?
—>How do you burn calories?
—>How do you calculate the BMR?
—>A caution about estimates
—>Not all calories are the same
—>How calories affect weight gain
—>Overweight versus Obese
—>What causes overweight and obesity?
—>Dispelling the myths


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