Wizard at Large (The Dresden Files, #6-7) PDF

by Jim Butcher I mentioned that these (the first 4 omnibus editions from Science Fiction Book Club) are the way I first read the Dresden books that were out when I discovered Jim Butcher's Professional Wizard for hire. I was hooked on the books right away. This volume is the third omnibus edition and has books #6 and 7 (Blood Rites and Dead Beat) in it.

Blood Rites is a sort of "interlude" in the flow of events with us moving back into Harry's investigator gig. Of course the job he's involved in (seeking out who's throwing nasty curses around on the set of a porn movie) bleeds over into far more than it was supposed to be drawing Harry deeper into things involving the vampires and of course events that transpire here are important to things that will transpire later... Good book.

The second book in this volume is Dead Beat. Here Harry crosses metaphysical swords with powerful and very nasty necromancers and the zombie action is like none you've seen before. The Dresden Files as these books are called are some of my all time and overall favorite books and I think if I were asked to pick a favorite book from the series (as hard as that would be to do) Dead Beat would be in the running. Maybe my favorite Dresden book.

Great read.

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