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Reader, the book of which this review is intended for is “Autopsy Room Four” by Stephen King.The book this is under reads ‘Six Stories” by Stephen King. Of this, I am well aware. However, since it appears goodreads does not have a separate page for “Autopsy Room Four” I have decided to post it here. I cannot stress enough that this review is soley for “Autopsy Room Four”. So, if you are looking for a review on one of the works included in these six, please refrain from reading any further.
Stephen King is an accomplished author with a great many pieces in various genres. However, known as he is, King is most commonly affiliated with horror stories.“Autopsy Room Four” is no exception as this short story is based on fear, more specifically; the fear of being buried alive.
Now, I’m aware that this can seem a bit cliché...A person being buried alive is not something new, some think it is overplayed and out of date—I am one of those people, at least I was. The difference between all of the other stories about being buried alive and this one is, well to put it simply, humor.Dark humor, but humor none the less.
The story opens with a man named Howard awakening to unfamiliar surroundings. To him, the world is dark, he has no vision and no control over his motions but he can feel, hear and smell the things around him. Using his senses, he comes to the realization that he is on a gurney and something unfortunate must have happened to him but all he can recall is being at the golf course.
What happens next is somewhat disturbing to me. I’d like to think that when I die people will let me rest in peace. Unfortunately for the protagonist, a few of the doctors in charge of performing his autopsy aren’t so respectful to the dead. One doctor in particular, Rusty, who thinks Howard has an uncanny resemblance to Michael Bolton, finds it amusing to move Howards mouth in sync with his singing. Thankfully, Dr. Arlen doesn’t find this display very amusing and removes Rusty from the room.
It seems as if Howard has found a savior in Dr. Arlen until she begins to prepare the materials needed to perform the autopsy. She’s only doing her job, but the reader can’t help but feel frustrated with her. Especially, when Howard begins to gain some control and produces a small hum in the hopes that someone will hear it, only to find that Dr. Arlen has turned on some music and drowns out any noises coming from Howard.
Howard tries to communicate with the doctors multiple times but to no avail. Every time it seems that Howard has a chance, it’s ripped away. It’s a rollercoaster of a story, but not in a scary sense, it’s more frustrating than anything. The way King chose to end the story is so original, it was never expected. I thoroughly enjoyed this short, dark tale about “Howard the Conqueror”.
Instead of writing a piece so intense you need to stop reading and turn the lights on, King writes in a way that allows the reader to just sit back, relax, and have a good read with a surprisingly humorous ending. King took this unnerving idea, this fear, and made it not so intimidating. Personally, I feel that “Autopsy Room Four” is underrated. So, do us both a favor and give it a chance.

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