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by Jamie Deen You've seen the Deen brothers, Jamie and Bobbie, on their Food Network show Road Tasted. You've heard about them from their beloved mom, cookbook author and Food Network Host Paula Dean. Now, take a vicarious road trip with these good-old-boy charmers and learn how to make their tastiest regional recipes yourself. More than a cookbook, this is a slice of life: • More than 100 fabulous regional recipes personally gathered by Jamie and Bobby during their travels around the country, as featured on the Food Network's Road Tasted.

• Fascinating anecdotes about the characters they meet and the businesses they visit in search of the country's best food.

• Jamie and Bobby's own hints, tips and shortcuts for ensuring delicious results.

• Personal stories from Jamie and Bobby about growing up in the South, running a business with their mom, and adjusting to life in the spotlight.

• Color photos of the recipes throughout.

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