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by John E. Fuder In addition to exegeting the Word of God, it is necessary to exegete the audiences we serve. Once we make sense of our context, we can begin to "diagnose" needs and apply the proper "dose" of the gospel to meet those opportunities.

"Neighborhood Mapping" awakens the neighborhood explorer to consider effective methodology of understanding their neighborhood. Dr. Fuder calls believers to shift the focus from inside the church building to those who live in the community.

Best practices and sample surveys will be available in this resource as explorers will look through the lens of Scripture to give practical steps to exegete the community and consider best practices of: What is a neighborhood map/community analysisWhen should this map/analysis be createdWhy should we map our neighborhoodWho is on the map / Who is a part of this analysisWhere are the borders of this map/analysisHow does one conduct a community analysis

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