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by R.A. Torrey "The Truths of the Bible Made Plain, Simple and Understandable"

"What the Bible Teaches" is a classic volume that provides numerous outlined studies of what the Bible has to say on over fifty major doctrines of the Bible. The work examines what the Bible teaches about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, man, angels, Satan, prayer, worship, faith, and more.

In this work, Torrey has made an attempt at a careful, unbiased study and statement of biblical truth, based upon a careful study of the original text. Beginning with one or more Scripture references as a starting point, these studies furnish a thorough analysis of a specific doctrinal truth. This orderly, systematic and thorough handbook is ideal for use as a reference work or in devotional study. It has been completely reformatted and the language has been updated to provide a useable study reference book for today's students of the Bible.

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