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by William J. Long Reverend William Joseph Long (1866-1952) who wrote under the pen name Peter Rabbit was an American author. His works include: Ways of Wood Folk (1899), Wilderness Ways (1900), Secrets of the Woods (1901), Beasts of the Field (1901), School of the Woods (1902), Following the Deer (1903), Wood Folk at School (1903), Little Brother to the Bear, and other Animal Studies (1903), Northern Trails: Some Studies of Animal Life in the Far North (1905), A History of English Literature (1908), English Literature: Its History and its Significance (1909), American Literature (1913), Outlines of English and American Literature (1917), How Animals Talk, and Other Pleasant Studies of Birds and Beast (1919), Mother Nature: A Study of Animal Life and Death (1923), America: A History of Our Country (1923), Outlines of American Literature, With Readings (1925), Outlines of English Literature, With Readings (1925), Our Country (1929), The Spirit of the Wild (1956) and Wings of the Forest (1957).

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