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by John Brady Becoming familiar with human anatomy and physiology has never been easier than with Brady's Anatomy and Physiology Primer for Non-Majors Written by a physician who knows first hand what is crucial for medical assistants and coders to know, and designed to work in tandem with the CPT book, this primer provides the most uncomplicated way to understand human anatomy and physiology than any other book of its size You'll find more than 175 color drawings and you'll also discover test your knowledge sections, definitions and origins of medical and anatomical terms, plus clinical examples that help you better figure out how each body system can be impacted by disease. You'll learn the difference between ileum and ilium, what makes us see in color and how oxygen travels in the blood. You'll see how forensic labs tell the difference between a male and female skeleton and what happens to your body when you get scared and much more This primer is designed for the non-major and is a simplified discussion of the most basic features. Its purpose is to provide medical coding students, medical assistants, pharmacy techs, and radiology techs with a broad exposure to the structure and function of the human body to round out their education in their chosen field.Essential for anyone training to code with CPT or ICD, wanting to deal with patients on an every day basis, needing a refresher, striving to earn a degree or get their certification in a health related field (CPC, CCS, RHIA, RHIT or medical assisting).

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