Family For The Sheriff (Family Matters) (Family Matters) (Silhouette Romance, 1353) PDF

by Elyssa Henry Founder's Day in the small town of Gold Springs is going to be a sizzler.

Tempers flare when the county commission appoints an outsider for the newsheriff's job. But it isn't temper flaring in Maria Lightner's life. It'spassion.

She thought it was dead with her husband. She thought the life she'd built with her young son was enough.

Then Joe Roberts came to town with his dark eyes and winning ways. Before sheknows it, she's on his side and in his arms.

She finds herself in the middle of the controversy between the town and its new sheriff. Her peaceful life is shattered by the anger of her friends and family.

In the center of the whirlwind, she has to face her life and her heart.

Can she forget Joe, knowing that she could love him? Can she love him, knowinghe might be lost to her?

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