Deep Sacrifice (Secure Me) #2 PDF

by T.K. Tuitt Their journey to finding true love with each other comes with a few Sacrifices.

Sterling Cole always felt like the world didn’t have much to offer her. Orphaned as a baby, she never had a real sense of what true love or a solid family life entailed. Nonetheless, she always thrived to make the best of life and the lemons it threw at her, minus a few mishaps along the way.

While eight months pregnant, her world is turned upside down and ever since, she has fought to stay ahead of the trouble brought about by no fault of her own. By chance, her savoir arrives and does everything humanly possible to keep her and her unborn child safe from the demons of her past.

Nothing in the world would have prepared Wade Carson for the package of love and redemption that was about to blow his mind. While trying to keep Sterling safe, issues he thought were dead and buried deep, resurface.

Past wounds arise, new enemies come into play and life as they know it will never be the same again.

For the both of them, finding each other was just the beginning. Together, they must conquer their demons and fight to stay above the waves of the raging ocean that is life.

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