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by Chuck Sambuchino New and reinvented for 2012! Guide to Literary Agents is a writer's best resource for finding a literary agent who can represent their work to publishing houses, big and small. The days when a writer could deal directly with a large publisher are over. Literary agents represent writers and shepherd manuscripts to the right editor; and a good representative is the difference between a published book and a manuscript that never gets read. Detailing more than 550+ literary agencies, Guide to Literary Agents has always been the biggest, the most comprehensive and complete, and the most respected guide. As an added bonus, this edition also includes an exclusive webinar available for download on demand. With it, readers will learn how to find an approach, secure and find the agent that can best represent their work. The 2012 Guide to Literary Agents also includes: More editorial content, more interviews—more everything! A free downloadable webinar created exclusively for readers of Guide to Literary Agents detailing step by step how and why to secure an agent in the current era of publishing instability Twelve month subscription to www.writersmarket.com/agents

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