No More Secrets ;A Family Speaks About Depression, Anxiety, And Attempted Suicide PDF

by John Gallagher The Gallaghers know what happy times look like - they lived in a great neighborhood, a comfortable home, they had a happy marriage, and four
beautiful children. But when their family was ravaged by depression, they didn't know where to turn, or how to cope. Many lessons were learned the hard way. They have written a book as a family, to help others deal with difficult situations:
NO MORE SECRETS A FAMILY SPEAKS ABOUT DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND ATTEMPTED SUICIDE is the title of the book which is a compelling narrative of a family shattered by attempted suicide. It tells of a familys struggle to renew Johns interest in life.
Back when life was grand, the Gallaghers appeared on the Oprah Show regarding Patricia's book RAISING HAPPY KIDS ON A REASONABLE BUDGET.
Oprah said, "ILet's go on a visit to their home." It looked so perfect back then, John Gallagher playing ball with his kids in the yard, kids doing their chores, a happy family mealtime.
Now, nine years later, the Gallagher family has begun to tell their story, and have found healing.They want to help other families in difficult situations; whether it is a parent struggling with depression, addiction, alcoholism or a chronic illness, the ripple effect devastates each member of the family. Dr. Dan Gottlieb, host of a public radio show said, "I have been doing this show for 22 years and I cannot remember being so touched by a family's story." ]

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