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by Robert P. Miles 18 Principles to Attract and Keep World Class Owners, Managers and Directors the Warren Buffett way"Warren Buffett Corporate Values" describes the corporate governing techniques of one of the world's most well known investors. Buffett's management brilliance often stands in the shadow of his iconic investing expertise; however, much can be learned from his leadership experience. Buffett took control of an old New England textile mill and transformed it into one of the world's largest conglomerates, without ever losing a subsidiary CEO to a competitor. He accomplished this remarkable and unparalleled business feat without non-compete agreements, executive stock options, or headquarter directives, and established a corporate culture over five decades

Twenty-five years ago, Warren Buffett stated that his guiding corporate governance mandate was to ensure identical interests between himself and his shareholders, to ensure long-term progress. This book details the methods that make that a reality. Readers will learn the various factors that build a world-class corporate board and management team, from annual reports and shareholders meetings to business philosophies and compensation plans. Coverage includes talent acquisition and long-term retention, simple and effective performance incentives, a culture of complete subsidiary autonomy, and more, written by a recognized authority on Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.

While Warren Buffett's holding company Berkshire Hathaway has built an extraordinary portfolio of companies along with a remarkable team of CEOs, he has also attracted the best board of directors in the world. This book describes how he did it, the criteria he used to assemble his board, and the underlying corporate governance philosophies that inspired it all.Learn the techniques behind a truly full, fair, and transparent annual reportDiscover how typical quarterly projections and guidance can create artificial targetsNavigate the often-difficult relationship between the Board and the CEOEliminate performance problems and attract and retain the best talentUnderstand why Buffett's 18 corporate values have become the gold standard of corporate governance

Like any part of business, corporate governance evolves over time. Berkshire Hathaway's basic business principles are no different, except that they've become more effective with each change. The methods behind this sustained success are part of an all-encompassing philosophy that guides the entire company toward continued growth. "Warren Buffett Corporate Values" is an insightful, informative guide to applying these methods to any corporate or organizational scenario.

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