The Lineage (Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter Book 3) PDF

by Brian P. Easton When a werewolf delivers the severed heads of two colleagues to Sylvester Logan James, he finds himself embroiled in an ancient grudge between the First Beast Prince and the seven Wolves who tried to overthrow him. Sylvester’s feud with the Beast has wracked his body and bedeviled his soul, and even after twenty-five years it has failed to satisfy his need for vengeance.

Baited by a trail of dead werewolves and following a particularly cunning Wolf with its own agenda, Sylvester journeys across the world–from Belize to Botswana, Morocco to Malta, Cyprus into the Himalayas. What comes next will be the most important hunt of his life, one that will lead him across the continents to the very lair of the Beast–and the werewolf who was once his mother.

Here is one last, unflinching entry in the Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter–a final measure of redemptive violence where every victory is dearly purchased and honor is poisoned by shame. Don’t look away.

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