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by Laura Ingalls Wilder Like so many people, I read and loved these books as a girl.When my son was an infant and I was looking for something to entertain me during his marathon bouts of nursing, I decided to read the series again.I still found it immensely enjoyable, but with one striking difference: When I was a child, Pa Ingalls seemed like the coolest dad on the planet - he played the fiddle, made his own bullets and took his family on all sorts of adventures all over the unsettled west.As an adult, however, I thought Pa came off like a flakey dreamer who put his family through years of hell, always claiming "Caroline!If you just put up with backbreaking labor, mortal danger and starving kids for a few years, just watch!This expanse of desert/marsh/frozen tundra will become the breadbasket of the world and make us rich as kings!"How Ma Ingalls put up with his crazy schemes for so long is a testament t her patience/holy doormat-ness. On re-reading, I thought the series must be missing the volumes "Little House on the San Andreas Fault", "On the Slopes of Angry Volcano" and "By the Toxic Tidepools of Three-Mile Island."

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