Through the Fish Bones (The Fish Bone Series, #1) PDF

by E.M. O'Connor Noel Tillbrook is a thirty-six-year-old, African-American painter who just can’t seem to keep his head above ground. Depression drowns his dreams and his wide-awake reality. That is, until he is suddenly diverted by an unwarranted encounter with Napoli—pronounced Nuh-po-lee, as the boy insists—a fifteen-year-old Croatian nuisance with a big heart.

A little too skinny and a little too scarred, the kid’s jarring appearance disturbs Noel, but he can’t quite figure him out…at least not until they are running from an attack that forces him to delve deeper into the mystery. When Noel is unexpectedly swept up in a world-wide conspiracy involving human experimentation and the global government, the United World, the young man must decide how far he is willing to go to protect his newfound friend.

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