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by Maria Finn Seafood is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but the choices we make when we enjoy it are not just sensory — they also play a part in a large and interconnected ecosystem that involves the whole earth's well-being. In "The Whole Fish," food writer Maria Finn takes us on a journey into the 'whole food' cooking movement, one that advocates eating the entire fish from gill to adipose fin. It's an approach that can not only improve your heath, happiness, and sex life, but also help save the complex ecosystem that supports the ocean. "The Whole Fish" includes seafood recipes from some of the best chefs in the business; get ready for fish head soup, broiled collars, brined eggs, relish from the fatty bellies, baked skins for “fish bacon,” dried bones for grinding into “salt." The new movement to eat and enjoy the distinct flavors of the whole animal — whether it lives on land or sea — is a satisfying and exciting way to add the spirit of adventure to life. At these intersections with nature, we cultivate passion and wonder. Preparing and eating a meal can be a form of gratitude and community, not just with our friends and families but with all life on earth. Through "The Whole Fish," we come to know life intimately, and we in turn nourish ourselves.

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