Quest 2 Reading and Writing Student Book, 2nd Edition PDF

by Pamela Hartmann

Quest Second Edition parallels and accelerates the process native-speaking students go through when they prepare for success in a variety of academic subjects. Quest helps students get "up to speed" in terms of both academic content and language skills.

The four Reading and Writing books in the Quest series combine high-interest material from newspapers and magazines with readings from academic textbooks.

The Reading and Writing strand includes three to four distinct units, each focusing on a different area of university study - anthropology, art, biology, business, ecology, economics, history, literature, psychology, and sociology.

Each chapter contains five parts that blend reading and writing skills within the context of a particular academic area of study.

Introduction General Interest Reading Academic Reading The Mechanics of Writing Academic Writing

Reading and activites build upon one another and increase in length and difficulty as students work through the five sections of each chapter across the four levels.

This is the intermediate to high intermediate student book.

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