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by Dennis Blumenfeld The field of Operations Research (OR) covers a wide range of mathematical topics. Because it is so broad, results and formulas relevant to the field are widely scattered in different texts and journals and can be hard to find. As the field continues to grow, OR practitioners and students need a convenient, one-stop source for the results relevant to their work.
The Operations Research Calculations Handbook meets that need. It contains more than 300 results in a single, concise volume. Organized by topic and listed in a convenient summary format, it allows readers to have frequently used results at their fingertips. Although based on the author's experience in the manufacturing industry, many of the results are basic to system modeling. They carry over easily to applications in other areas of operations research and management science.
While modern software packages are useful for obtaining numerical results, formulas continue to play a significant role in systems modeling. They allow one to draw general conclusions about system behavior, reveal the underlying system model, and help provide an understanding of system performance. Whether you are a student, professor, or seasoned professional, the Operations Research Calculations Handbook offers not only a handy reference that will save time, but also a tool that will help build the intuitive understanding you need to apply systems models with confidence.

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