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by Christopher Hawkins A young man named Rob takes off from his home on the East Coast after caring for his grandma until she passes away. Seeking great waves, Rob travels to the pacific coast of Mexico to live off his savings. He finds small idyllic Mexican towns to surf in. But Rob's challenges start after he falls for a girl named Greta, another expat, but with a troubled past that threatens to ruin their time in this remote paradise.

Hawkins' visceral descriptions of surfing are fantastic and create a youthful sense of adventure around discovering a new country and barely touched surfing spots. The novel is filled with a 'good' kind of nostalgia for youth, adventure, and great waves. And it was these aspects of the novel that made it so enjoyable and which consequently made the romance and troubles of the couple read almost like a side-story.

The relationship between Greta and Rob, although it feels natural, doesn't seem anymore important than a surface-level infatuation—not enough to merit the actions of the couple over Greta's troubles. That, plus the oddly characterized supporting Mexican characters were a big downside to the otherwise great writing.

The characterization of all the supporting Mexican characters felt contrived: each person provides Rob with a concise summary of their past and how they came to be where they are today. The characters' summary statements are structured the same way, therefore, lacking a believable variety. And in one case, that of Tomas, it is difficult to believe that he would be so forthcoming about his dangerous past.

Another disappointment is with this particular Kindle Edition. The book was very poorly formatted and wrought with many typos and errors. A few typos or errors here and there doesn't hurt, but there was a distressingly large amount scattered throughout the book. Overall I did find it worth reading, though. In particular because of the wonderful moments Rob spent in the ocean riding waves.

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