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by Laura Susan Johnson If there was any work I'd feel okay about self-reviewing, it is OUR HOUSE. It's hard to say how I feel about this story. Between this and Crush, I am uneasy with the realization that I am capable of writing about violence. I could never write in minute detail. I think it's not only gratuitous, but unnecessary. Less is somehow more. Unspoken horror is more powerful than gory details. I truly hate violence. It's ugly. None of us in our right mind "enjoy" violence.

But it exists. Nobody is immune. I remain very disturbed that we share this planet with people who produce crush videos, along with serial killers and violent pedophiles. As always, I seek the brighter side of any situation, and what little brightness I can find in OUR HOUSE is that in the end, Amelia Blankenship is not just a victim, a bunch of DNA samples, but a human being, to the last. Her killer wanted to reduce her to nothingness, or worse, to "possess" her. Her killer has no name, and rightly so. Serial killers are somehow elevated to celebrity status in our culture. They deserve no attention, except to be punished for their crimes. Many readers may find the ending to OUR HOUSE rather dark, but I think it's uplifting. Moreover, I'm gratified to believe that whether a murderer gets the death penalty or not, justice is served anyway.

OUR HOUSE will be included in a book of short stories in the near future, and every story will be connected to my first book CRUSH in some way. There is more to Amelia Blankenship than this grim story of her death, and her story will be fully told.

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