Stepbrother Secrets (The Monroe Family Secrets Book 1) PDF

by Lauren Branford Audrey Monroe is a quick-witted and unassuming beauty, fresh out of boarding school. When she is coaxed by Robert Monroe– her distant, billionaire father– to stay at his New England estate and attend his wedding, Audrey is reluctant. That is until she finds a reason to enjoy the hot afternoons.

Sebastian is nearly ten years her senior with a tan, chiseled body and a radiant smile – everything about him is delectably debonair. Audrey especially enjoys the look of Sebastian’s dripping body as he climbs out of the pool. However, what she doesn’t enjoy is that Sebastian is her new stepbrother.

Not before long, Sebastian takes notice in Audrey’s silently beautiful looks. Now he is on the prowl for her in a secret tryst that could destroy their family names forever.

Wickedly seductive characters bring you into an inviting storyline behind the Monroe family’s dearest secrets.

Part One of Three:
Stepbrother Desires (Book II) Out Now:
Stepbrother Affairs (Book III): Due out November 19

Adult Content Warning: Contains explicit love scenes and language that some may deem taboo. An adult only romantic erotic read.

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