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by Brian J. Frost Brian J Frost has selected thirteen brilliant werewolf stories, which range from Victorian tales of physical horror to modern stories of psychological terror. These stories, which are the cream of 130 years of supernatural fiction, include such classics as:
The White Wolf of Kostopchin - Sir Gilbert Campbell (1889)
What kind of beast was it that tore out the hearts of its victims? The peasants on Paul Sergevitch's estate knew only too well - but he ignored their warnings and paid a horrible price for his folly.
The Wolf of St. Bonnot - Seabury Quinn (1930)
Giles Garnier, the notorious 16th century lycanthrope, returned to the world of the living. And psychic investigator, Jules de Grandin, had to defeat this powerful adversary from beyond the grave and save the soul of an innocent young girl under his evil influence.

Banister, Manly - Eena
Bierce, Ambrose - The Eyes of the Panther
Campbell, Sir Gilbert - The White Wolf of Kostopchin
Derleth, August - The Adventure of the Tottenham Werewolf
Donaldson, Dale C. - Pia!
Fleming, Peter - The Kill
Haaf, Beverly - Mrs Kaye
Houseman, Clemence - The Were-Wolf
Menzies, Sutherland - Hugues, The Wer-Wolf
Merritt, A. - The Drone
Munn, H. Warner - The Werewolf of Ponkert
O'Donnell, Elliott - Mère Maxim
Quinn, Seabury - The Wolf of St. Bonnot

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