The Murders of Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Beale (Lloyd & Hill, #4) PDF

by Jill McGown I love this series and would advise anyone picking up one of these books to start at Book 1. You will otherwise be a little lost as to the nature of the relationship between Lloyd and Judy Hill otherwise. This is a solid murder mystery and if you pay attention, there are enough clues in the plot to give you a chance to solve the mystery yourself. Mrs. Beale and Mrs. Austin are murdered on the same night, so are there two killers involved and two separate motives, or, is this a pure coincidence and there are actually two separate killers? Judy Hill is now working at Malworth, having being promoted to DCI, and while Lloyd misses Judy as his work partner and is not too happy with her replacement, he soon realizes that Judy may actually overtake him in the promotion stakes and he is unsettled by this. One of the victims is a friend of Judys and one of the murders is actually on her patch, so they both end up working on the cases, side by side. Another great plot from Jill McGown and a must read series for crime mystery lovers.

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Download PDF The Murders of Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Beale (Lloyd & Hill, #4)


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