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by Nathalie Gray Immortalis Danielle has been part of top secret Project Immortalis long enough to know questions get you killed. The underground military complex she works at? Doesn't exist. The source of her salary? Untraceable. All she knows is that she's about to test the most radical theory ever developed. When the center finally catches a living, centuries-old vampire, they come one step closer to creating the ultimate weapon. For even if the vessel is irrelevant, his immortal blood holds the key. To Danielle though, he quickly becomes a problem. It's not that she doesn't believe in vampires. She does. No, Danielle's problem is that whenever she's in contact with this particular vampire, blood leaves her brain to fuel other parts better left dormant. For the past several centuries, Bjorn has hunted, prowled and waged wars. His motto is simple-bite, feed, let the carcass roll. After he's ambushed like an animal and sedated he awakens at the heart of a military machine spinning out of control. And with them is the most enticing woman he's ever seen. Her mind is like a diamond, clear and hard, and he knows it could cut through anything. Even his legendary cool. DamNATION A species created by man to serve and obey. But we made a mistake...we gave it fangs. We designed them for our use. To wage our greedy wars, toil in our poisonous lunar mines. We made them pleasing to the eye so our children would not have nightmares, tall and strong and smart so they would adapt to environments never meant to sustain life. We thought we had created the perfect sub-species. Obedient. Disposable. How wrong we were. Helios stands alone. The first of a dying race. He has spent his life fighting to free his kind. To avenge them. His world is a cold, desolate one that has never been touched by grace or light until a hot-tempered woman, a human, marches into his life, his home and his guarded heart. Through Dawn's dry humor and passionate embrace, he learns to trust again and to love. But just as he starts to hope, she is stolen from him. With his light gone, all that is left is darkness and revenge. They took the one thing he loved and Helios will stop at nothing to get Dawn back. Even damn his eternal, vampire soul.

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