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by Jonathan Brostoff The 2nd Edition of FOOD ALLERGY AND INTOLERANCE is the definitive guide to this subject. In the 15 years since the first edition was published, the subject has become the focus of intense public interest. This interest has led to unprecedented growth in the field with new evidence and practices constantly being introduced. This latest edition encompasses the rigor and depth of the first but is updated with the new advances in the field, resulting in 40% entirely new material.

Includes the scientific basis for the clinical observations Describes the underlying mechanisms of the allergic response Detailed accounts of all end-organ effects Outstanding sections of investigation, diagnosis and treatment

Incorporates advances in understanding the immune response Animal models of sensitivity Mediators in food allergy Enzyme deficiency Abnormal nutrition and immune response to foods Food-induced migraine and epilepsy Hyperactivity: ADHD The psychological aspects of food intolerance

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