The Colour of Midnight (Secrets, #1) (Secrets, #1) (Harlequin Presents, #1714) PDF

by Robyn Donald In reality, there were four protagonists here: the hero Nick, the heroine Minerva, Stella the dead wife of the hero who also happened to be the heroine’s stepsister, and New Zealand.

The suicide of Stella was the story arc that spanned the whole 8 chapters.It compelled Minerva to visit the hero and quietly investigate the cause of death.It defined the confrontation in the story – when Nick confessed his (pseudo)impotence and Minerva cured his problem through (seduction)therapy.It delayed reconciliation between Nick and Minerva until they were sufficiently recovered from Stella’s death.So, though Stella was an absentee character, the story revolved around the impact of her death among the survivors.

The flora and fauna of New Zealand were also made much of in the story that, at several points, I felt it needed only some slides to turn this romance into a travelogue. Sometimes, scenery could enhance the plot.But in this instance, the minutiae of kauri trees, kokako birds, trumpet flowers and possums detracted from the emotional tension building between the H/h.

Given these excess baggage then, I could not empathize with the H/h's growing love for each other.The story was too clinical and too overdone to be romantic.

Perhaps, one last good example is the title: the Colour of Midnight.This phrase first appeared in the plot when Nick tricked Minerva to gaze at him by asking what color were her eyes.They were blue. But according to him, they were the color of midnight, “so dark and so deep you can lose yourself in it.As distant as the outer reaches of space, as dense and intense as the sea beneath a tropical sky.A rare, exquisite color.”

Really?!A beautiful girl stares at him and he has time to wax lyrical on the color blue? As Sebastian said to the Prince Eric in the The Little Mermaid, go on just kiss the girl!

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