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by Howard J. Wiarda In The Crisis of American Foreign Policy, noted scholar Howard J. Wiarda argues that the foreign policy of the United States reflects the divisions and dysfunctions we see in our domestic culture and society. Examining the main traditions, institutions, and challenges of American foreign policy, this text is an entertaining read as well as a serious one. It tackles such critical issues as ethnocentrism in foreign policy as well as U.S. efforts to extend democracy, human rights, and civil society in other countries. It includes a balanced chapter on globalization and a discussion on how to deal with authoritarian regimes. With his long experience in Washington policymaking, Wiarda offers especially innovative chapters on the links between foreign policy and Washington think tanks, lobbying and interest groups in the foreign affairs area, and Washington social life. Key areas covered include Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Concise, clearly-written, well-organized, challenging, and provocative, this is a textbook that students and professors are sure to appreciate.

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