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by Robert S. Sadler VENGEANCE is a collection of short stories that highlight mankind’s tendency to mistreat, abuse, and otherwise take advantage of those weaker than themselves

The only problem with feeding off the misfortune of others is that sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

What goes around comes around my friends and karma can be a bitch!

Stories included are:

1.Just Desserts

How far would a lonely housewife go to repay her
unfaithful husband for years of dedicated service
and make sure that he gets his just desserts?

2.What Goes Around

Can you imagine being fired from a job for no other
reason than your appearance? How could you make
your ex-boss experience the same pain?

3.The Foundation

What happens when a former drug-addicted ex-prostitute
decides to start her own family but can’t? To what lengths
will she go to make sure her dreams come true?

4.Happily Ever After

How does a racist, woman-hating, gay-basher react when
he wakes up in a world where everything he has always
known has changed in ways he could never have imagined?


What’s the first thing a convicted serial killer who has
spent his entire adult life behind bars does when recent
improvements in forensic science not only set him free
but make him a rich man? Why he goes to Hawaii of course!

6.Pit Bulls & Roosters

You should never mess with a little girl’s most beloved pet,
especially if you are a ruthless millionaire with more
enemies than allies.

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