Bright Blue Moon (Half Moon Shifters, #2.5) PDF

by Ranae Rose A second chance at a happily ever after only comes once in a blue moon – or in Kimberly’s case, once in a lifetime. After the disappearance of the only man she’s ever loved, she knows that after so many years, chances are slim that Michael is still alive. But when her world is shifted on its axis at their daughter’s wedding, it becomes clear that anything is possible.

Leaving behind the woman he loved and their unborn child was the hardest thing Michael ever had to do – even harder than seeing his pack massacred, or spending most of his life on the run, hunting and being hunted. In the aftermath of a battle that finally ended the threat posed by a vicious clan of shifter hunters, he’s finally free to return to Kimberly.

Despite the passage of time, the spark of their love is still alive. Unfortunately, their reunion coincides with the strangest trouble the Half Moon Pack has ever encountered: the arrival of a monster hunting TV show crew determined to prove that something unnatural is lurking in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Book 2.5 in the Half Moon Shifters Series.

Bright Blue Moon is a novella that takes place between Books 2 and 3.

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