Second Chances (Dark-Hunter, #7.5) PDF

by Sherrilyn Kenyon Reviewed for THC Reviews
"4.5 stars" Second Chances is a very brief little story about Dark-Hunter leader, Acheron and his “brother,” Styxx, which gave even more fascinating insights into this intriguing and complex character. Once again, Ash shows his deep capacity for caring about others even when they've wronged him. All throughout my reading of this novella, I couldn't help wanting to know more about Ash's past and all that has happened in the long centuries of his life. He is certainly a character that draws me in every time I read about him, a feat very few have accomplished, which leaves me absolutely dying to get to his book, but alas, I still have a long way to go in the Dark-Hunter series to get there. Second Chances was originally published as an exclusive collector's booklet that was given away with Unleash the Night. It can also be found in it's entirety within the pages of The Dark-Hunter Companion and Acheron, as well as be read for free on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website.

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