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by Mark Jarzombek Log 21 features a tug-of-war of ideas and reflection on the current status of architecture, running across time from preservation to parametricism, with some insightful entries from in between.

Patrik Schumacher campaigns for parametricism as the great style to follow modernism, Ingeborg M. Rocker traces the idea of style and expands parametricism beyond form, and Eric Owen Moss questions the idea of progress.

Mark Jarzombek surveys World Heritage sites and considers the metaphysics of impermanence, while Rem Koolhaas notes the march of preservation around the world and Ole W. Fischer reviews two recent books on postmodernism.

Entries from around the world: Tom Daniell tells a story of Japanese names; Carson Chan pens a diary from the Venice Biennale; Ariane Lourie Harrison takes a tour of the architecture-studded Novartis campus; Michael Cadwell weighs in on Coop Himmelblau s BMW Welt; Elena Crippa and Tom Vandeputte revisit the conceptual queries on space in 1970s London; and Markus Miessen sifts through Hans Ulrich Obrist's extensive archive.

Plus: an AnaLOG cabin by Mitnik Roddier Hicks, general observations on sukkahs, bottled ships, Konrad Wachsmann, Googleplex East, and much more.

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