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by Nhys Glover Ellen likes everything to stay the same Now she has to stop a disaster that could change everything

Having visions of people in trouble is a fact of life for Ellen Victoria, a shy little biologist living in a biosphere in the centre of Australia in the Twenty Fourth Century. But when a gladiator appears amongst her tomato plants, calling for her to come to him, she knows this is something new. And even if she’s more Bambi than Lara Croft, she also knows that she has no choice but to go back to the Second Century Roman Empire and find him. Because the fate of the world rests in her soft, plump hands and if she’s to avert the apocalypse that never happened, but still might, if a rogue time traveller has his way, she has to face her fears and step up.

But she doesn’t have to do it alone. Her gladiator will be at her side. The trouble is he’s there as her kidnapper, not her champion. And unless she can win him over, all will be lost, History will be irrevocably changed and her future Utopian world will cease to be.

˃˃˃ Sensual Romance

For women who like their love scenes steamy but wholly romantic

˃˃˃ Award Winning SF Romance Writer Nhys Glover does it again!

Jump into the series anywhere and find out why two hundred of Nhys' books are downloaded daily around the world.

˃˃˃ What Reader's say about this series:

'What a fantastic series! I've loved every single one of these books and impatiently wait for the next one to be available.' Tuesday 63

'I am loving all of this series and I recommend it to anyone that loves romance novels. They are all worth reading at least once.' Amazon Customer

'I read the whole series. Love the concept. Although each book revolves to the same concept, love , saving and my favorite soulmate, this writer found different ways to suck me in her stories. Love it!' Lillyhope

'Awesome. I love the story line, characters and setting. The new world is believable and I would go in a hot minute.' Jacqueline M. Furlo

' If you want something to lose yourself in and just plain out enjoy, get these! You won't be disappointed.' MKazebee

Scroll up and join the adventure today.

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