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by Maggie Shayne A unique romance experience launches this month as Silhouette Books introduces Family Secrets, a contemporary new series exploring hidden identity, finding family and coming to terms with your roots. Centering around the danger, discovery and romance that follow five "superhuman" siblings, this continuity promises plenty of action, twists and fast-paced reading Launched by USA today bestselling author Maggie Shayne, the first book of the continuity, Enemy Mind, will ensure widespread reader trial. Strong continuity arcs, favorite story lines and top authors will maintain reader momentum throughout.

Enemy Mind by Maggie Shayne:
Believed to have classified information about genetically altered humans, Professor Zach Ingram was kidnapped by Medusa, a top-secret organization. But when beautiful psychiatrist Dr. Maisy Dalton is brought in to hypnotize the ruggedly handsome Zach, the innocent doctor can't control her feelings. And in her heart, Maisy knows she must risk her life to help Zach unravel the secrets of MEDUSA and the potentially dangerous X5 sought by many.

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