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by Kazuhisa Fujie This book is about the Neon Genesis Evangelion show. The book states a lot of questions that the fans of the series want to know. I felt that this book had a lot of information about the series. They talk about the undertones of Christian lore and/or stories in the bible like how god made Adam, the story ofLot, the theory of rebirth and destruction, and other familar stories. Some of the things I didn't like was the format of the book and that it was only answered questions, and the kindle version was very hard to read because the words and sentences were all over the place. This book made me want to watch the show again. I also loved the cosplay pictures and wished there was more pictures in this book. Another thing is that the author put character profile. I liked this aspect of the book. The book also had information on the movie and the merchandise. I didn't really care about the merchandise. Overall I rated this a 3 out of 5 because It is good for evangelion die hard fans. If you are a fan I recommend this book. If you know nothing or have limited knowledge of this anime series then I suggest you do not read it until you watch the whole anime series.

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