Pink Bunny Ears...Seriously? (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck, #5) PDF

by Jackie Nacht Only for the man he loves would Merrick ever wear pink bunny ears and a floppy tail.
Three and half years ago, Merrick moved across the country to go to the small college in Washington where, in his first week, he met fellow student and local, Darren. They immediately hit it off and began dating. Now in their senior year, both have just aced their midterms and plan on going out to celebrate until Darren’s mom calls. Merrick finds himself being asked to help Darren work at one of his mom’s card shops working as none other than…the Easter bunny. Now, all Merrick has to do is suck it up and get through one day so he can have his special night with the man he loves. But little does Darren know that Merrick has more than just a date planned…

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