House of Pain (There Was a House, #2) PDF

by Caddy Rowland There Was a House saga is a gripping story about a very real crime taking place all around us.

Set in the dark, depraved world of sex-trafficking, this gritty, continuing psychological thriller and drama tells the story of six victims and their hope for revenge and redemption.

Book Two: House of Pain


Two years. Two years of living a lie, pretending love and loyalty to Antoine, the pimp who owns the house named Rêve. The need for revenge boils in Phoenix’s veins. She lives to find a way to destroy Antoine, his brothel, and the men who frequent the hellish place.


Jamie has arrived along with his own issues. Dumped at Rêve by his homophobic father, he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure Antoine allows him to stay—even if he has to play the role of flaming pretty boy for sale. It’s better than being sold off and forced to whore on the streets.


But he’s the wildcard. He’ll be integral in taking Antoine down, and Phoenix senses it. With his sweet looking face and her cunning hatred, they will be unstoppable. At least they should be.

If only opportunity would present itself.

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