Even Cowboys Get The Blues (Lost Loves) (Lost Loves) (Harlequin Temptation, No 505) PDF

by Carin Rafferty
Tanner and Annie Chapel had been married for ten years.Then he made one mistake.Yes it’s a hot button one too.So be warned.He cheated and there was a child from that one night. Now Tanner wants Annie back.They have been divorced for several months.But Tanner can’t seem to write lyrics and Annie can speak for him like no other person can.Tanner manages to maneuver Annie into writing his lyrics and that long awaited discussion takes place.

I so loved this story.It’s definitely a keeper for me.Tanner started out as a jerk. He believed his one night was no big deal.It was an aberration that meant absolutely NOTHING to him and frankly the child didn’t either.However, he didn’t realize what all of it meant to Annie and what his blasé nature was telling her as well.Tanner grew over the story.You see the epiphany that he has, the realization that what he did was way more than he had even envisioned.Even Annie realized that by the way she treated Tanner she was enabling him to do some of the things that he did.The sparks and the chemistry between Tanner and Annie are sizzling.Both of them grew over the course of the story and it was wonderful to watch.It wasn’t all tied up in a pretty little bow at the end, but you knew that they were on the road to getting their HEA with all concerned.

I didn’t like that Tanner wanted to explain his position so bad, and yet when Annie finally was willing to listen he was very hesitant to give it.He blamed her for things then as well and he hurt her in that blame, but again he hadn’t fully realized the growth that he needed like he did when Annie revealed her secret.There was so much depth to these characters that rereading this story just pulls out more understanding for them and their plight.

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