Secrets (Delanza Family, #1), (Delanza Family, #1), (The Bragg Saga, #7) PDF

by Brenda Joyce A breathtaking tale of duty and desire from one of romantic fiction's most sensuous voices—Brenda Joyce

Injured during a train robbery, Regina Shelton, the daughter of a British earl, awakens with no memory of who she is—and in the arms of the most handsome man she has ever seen. The dangerous stranger calls her "Elizabeth," and his touch sets her blood racing, impelling her toward a romantic destiny not rightfully her own.

Slade Delanza has finally found the missing heiress who was meant to wed his brother James. But now James is dead—and the rugged loner is expected to marry wealthy "Elizabeth Sinclair" himself in order to rescue his family from ruin. Though he aches to possess his innocent young bride, Slade's honor demands that he deny his own desires. And he vows to resist temptation, unaware of the stunning secrets that, if revealed, could seal their love . . . or tear them apart forever.

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