Freeground (First Light Chronicles, #1, Spinward Fringe #0.1) PDF

by Randolph Lalonde The first book in the First Light Chronicles Series. Large enough to support anentire civilization, one of the last free ports all alone in the dark,Freeground Station is about to come under siege. Able to fight off periodicalassaults and attempted takeovers in the past, they are losing groundtechnologically, and with no nearby allies they find themselves resorting to theunorthodox to improve their situation. Jonas Valent, a former engineer with theFreeground Fleet has reduced his professional life as a trade and supply agent,a not so glorified port traffic director. In his spare time he and his friendsengage in anonymous combat with anyone who opposes them in station widesimulations. Their success rate and original thinking have earned them theattention of Freeground Fleet Command who have plans for the unsuspectinganonymous team. This book is about how it all began for Jonas and his friends.How they came together and took their first steps out into the galaxy.

This is the first installment in the First Light Chronicles Series and can also be found in the First Light Chronicles Omnibus.

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