The New Social Worker(r), Volume 19, Winter-Fall 2012 PDF

by Linda May Grobman This volume includes the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2012 issues of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER(r) magazine. Color cover, black & white interior. Highlights include: Winter 2012: duty to warn, duty to protect, delivering unwanted news, sexualization of young girls, turning passion into a successful social work career, reproductive justice, Facebook and suicide prevention Spring 2012: what is an ethical dilemma, professional growth, school social work group, passing the licensing exam, child welfare, lessons from Hull House, learning by podcast Summer 2012: FAQs about code of ethics, learning from an intern, social work in an HIV/AIDS clinic, foster child removal experience, @SWSCmedia Fall 2012: thwarting disclosure in court, burnout and self-care, homeless education, workplace safety, social work graduate school application, undergraduate social work research, Red Cross digital disaster volunteers, Disaster Distress Helpline ...and a lot more! Each issue includes student role model, book reviews, social work student news, and mor

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