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by Michael A. Banks Anyone who logs onto the Internet is vulnerable to a new type of criminal. To help users watch their backs and stay safe from these online predators, The Coriolis Group announces "Web Psychos, Stalkers, and Pranksters," the definitive guide on how to protect yourself in cyberspace, written by Internet and privacy expert Michael A. Banks.
This book exposes the threats to personal privacy, finances, and even physical safety that lurk online. It also alerts the reader to many other dangers that face anyone who uses email, posts messages in public bulletin board systems, enters an online chat room, or even browses Web pages. Step by step, readers learn how to protect their privacy and their personal and financial information. Most important, the book shows present and prospective online users how to avoid becoming a victim. Provides step-by-step instructions for how to protect sensitive, personal information and how to avoid becoming an online target.Shows users how to track down those who may be harassing, abusing, or defrauding them.Alerts the reader to the presence of many kinds of online dangers and violations of privacy, including compromises of passwords and chat room impostors.Includes real-life examples of victims of online predators.Explains the mechanisms by which stalkers, con-artists, and pranksters create hazards and cause problems.Teaches Internet users how to effectively deal with online threats, either by prevention or defensive reaction.Includes the author's personal, candid, and entertaining tales of life in cyberspace.

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